DeHawk Seat Tube Battery 36V18Ah

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  • The DeHawk B23618HS-US is designed to slide parallel to the seat tube
  • High capacity and easy to install – No modification required to eBikes that accommodate this design
  • Complete battery kit with charger

This DeHawk battery replacement pack offers 648Wh to Power your eBike. The battery comes complete with a genuine NMC charger and its designed for seat tube mounting position


Tech Specs:

  • Saddle tubes, 36 V 18Ah Lithium Ion Battery with high power cell, silver
  • Includes 2 A charging device, Battery Length: 38.5 cm x Width: 7.5 cm x depth: 11 cm
  • With 648 Watt hours Energy, Recihweite approx. 80 - 100 km
  • Bike, Replacement
  • Made from break-resistant; the housing in silver, with LED display (capacity display)


Model BCB23618HS
Voltage 36V
Capacity 18Ah
Watt Hours 648Wh
Range about 45-75 miles
Cell Lithium Ion 18650-220 High Power
Standard Charge Constant current 2A Constant voltage 42V, 200mA Cut-off
Standard Discharge Constant current 8.6A Constant voltage 27.5V
Max. Charge Current 4A
Max. Discharge Current 15A
Cycles 500,> 60% capacity
Charging Chill 32-113 ° Fehrenheit
Operation Chill 32-140 ° Fehrenheit
Storage Temperature 59-95 ° Fehrenheit at humidity 45-75%
Battery Dimensions 15 x 4.3 x 3 inches
Weight approx. 9.9 Lbs
Lockable Yes, battery key included
Charger included (2A charging current)
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