Das-Kit Display Module for NCM eBike

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  • Our Das-Kit Display units are packed with useful features to deliver the ultimate riding experience
  • These versatile units are informative and easy to use while riding your eBike
  • Our Display Units rugged design makes them perfect o use under any conditions
  • These displays fit our most popular models Moscow/Aspen Plus (C7), Moscow/aspen (L7), Prague (L6)


Das-Kit Display Module for NCM eBikeDas-Kit Display Module for NCM eBike

The Das-Kit display units for NCM eBikes are complete and full of useful features that allow the rider to safely switch between menus and adjust settings and assist levels on the go. Display units can be specific to NCM eBike models, check your manual and choose from our displays to power your ride.


The Das-Kit L6 fits our NCM Prague 

The Das-Kit L7 fits our NCM Moscow and Aspen

The Das-Kit C7 fits our NCM Moscow and Aspen PLUS models

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