DeHawk DeHawk Replacement Battery for NCM Hamburg / Munich

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  • The DeHawk R3S-3613H is a replacement battery that fits directly on pre-existing rack mount of the R3S rack and the NCM Hamburg & Munich
  • Versatile and easy to install – No modification required
  • Complete battery kit with integrated light

The R3S by DeHawk is a complete set ready to power you NCM eBike. This battery pack includes a built-in rear light and it’s a great replacement or addition to your eBike commuting needs. This is the battery only for the R3S eBike conversion kit.


Model BR3S3613HB
Voltage (nominal) 36V
capacity 13Ah
energy 468Wh
theoretical range with usual usage 30-50 Miles
cell NCM18650
internal resistance 180mΩ
Minimum capacity 12.5Ah
Standard charge Constant current 2A Constant voltage 42V, 200mA cut-off
standard discharge Constant current 6A, final voltage 27.5V
cycles 500,> 60% capacity
Max. Charge current 4A
Max. Discharge current 15A
Charging temperature 32-113 Fahrenheit
Operating temperatur 32-140 Fahrenheit
storage Temperature 59-95F at humidity 45-75%
Battery Dimensions 14 x 6.1 x 2.1 inches
total weight approx 10.3 lbs
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